Past Life Regression Sessions have been used as therapy by some psychologists, psychiatrists and mediums, since the early 1950s. Some are credentialed, some are not. Regressions are used with various levels of hypnosis to produce a hypnotic or semi-hypnotic state in a subject, to recall what are thought to be memories of past lives or previous incarnations.

Techniques used during past life regressions involve the subject answering a series of questions, while in a semi-hypnotic state that may reveal identity and events of past lives. Regressions can accomplish a number of positive results for the Regressee. Traditionally, they were used in a spiritual setting, and have since progressed to some semblance of mainstream psychotherapy. Past Life Regressions, by definition, imply that reincarnation exists.

Inferences to past life regressions can be found as early as 200 BC in the Hindu religion in India. They thought the soul was encumbered with actual pressure, created by the aggregate effect of past life images on a person's karma. Although an interesting concept to consider, it is not probable, because a Sapien's memory capacity is not sufficient to store such memories of previous lives.

During a successful Regression, the subject may remember some details that may have been indicative of a specific previous life. Only the most significant, key events a Sapien experienced during previous LifeCycles (LCs) are stored in the Sapien's memory module.

It is not probable that a Sapien can recall insignificant details of previous LCs. Memory retention is the first consideration. The Sapien does not have the memory available to recall very much detail about one previous life, much less multiples. And just as important, previous life details might conflict with current life realities, and cause confusion and conflicting values during this LifeCycle, if remembered. Although some memory about previous lives are recalled through Regression, less specific generalities are the norm.

The vast majority of our previous LifeCycles existed without much fanfare nor accreditation. Even so, it is extremely interesting to find out about our past lives. After all, they are a part of our past. They have undeniably shaped our current and future LifeCycles.

Regressions provide estimates of how many LifeCycles a Sapien has had, and estimates of the time between LCs. Both of these measurements provide indirect corroboration as to a Sapien's actual age.  ILC Theory, LLC is currently developing a new and unique method of conducting past life regressions over the Internet.