Harry, ex-salesman and soon to be Monk: I bought your book, and read it cover to cover. I'm in sales and had read ...”


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It is best read by starting with the Introduction and proceeding through the following chapters to the Summation.  Have fun and enjoy The ILC Theory.

Helpful Hint:  Even though the book is a non-fiction, it is best read by reading from front to back, as you would a fictional novel without skipping around between chapters.  The Theory is written so that each chapter builds upon the previous one.

Bob, Consultant and ex-skeptic:  "I considered myself a skeptic, however after reading this book, I realized that maybe ....."

TJ, Research Analyst:  "After completing many seemingly unrelated research assignments for the ILC Theory, it wasn' until ....."

Sanford, Archeologist: “I found The ILC Theory very stimulating, to say the least. In my profession, there are those who say …..

Karen, Psychologist: "As a psychotherapist, I have spent many years attempting to help others with their problems. In doing so, ....." 
Tara, Editor:  " The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory is a unique, intriguing, and very informative look at what happens after we die ....."
  Joe, Auto Mechanic: “My job is very demanding, time wise. So on my days off, I like to relax and read books. After reading about …..”
Dawa, Practicing Buddhist: “During my short life here on Earth, I have been a good Buddhist. We believe in Rebirth, which …..
John, Sales Manager: “Throughout my years in sales and sales management, I have been responsible for motivating myself …..”
Carla, Retired Navy:  “I am interested in your theory, because I believe reincarnation is a possibility. And all the other so-called .....”
Ingrid, Anthropologist: “I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but this is just a theory. I have mixed emotions about reincarnation ..."
Toni, Science Teacher: “When I found your website a few months ago, I was somewhat amused at the basis of scientific and .….”

Charlie, Taxi Driver: “Like most cabbies, I talk to my passengers to pass the time. One night a passenger told me about your book .. ..

Henry, Gay and Peaceful: “After coming out of the closet, as they say, late in life, I have struggled with my sexuality.  I have …..
Mary, Sales Rep:  " I'm sure my sales manager will see this review, if you put it on your website. As John said, he did not demand …..”
  Sam, Drilling Contractor: When we bring in a well, we celebrate. Each one is a fulfillment of a dream. Most of my crew  ...”
 Harrison, Regional Sales Rep: I read what John and Mary wrote in their reviews. Being in sales myself, I must say I was more  .. ...”
  Joseph, A Regular Joe: A friend of mine bought me your book for my birthday. As a regular joe, I probably would not have ...”
  Joanna, A Regular Joette: My husband gave me your book to read, after reading it himself. He says he's a regular Joe, so I   ...”
  George, Dentist and Non-Believer: I read your book. I do not think you have proven anything about an afterlife …..”