From the perspective of pure theory, the book offers Atheists and Agnostics a more credible belief structure about mankind's evolution, answering questions about life-after-life. The ILC Theory is not a religion. It is just as the name implies, it is a theory, based on a common sense approach to life and beyond.

If you believe you merely dissipate into oblivion after you die, that is certainly an opinion, however you might want to consider a more logical alternative to life after life. If you think you absolutely cease to exist after your current life is over, doesn't that seem like a tremendous waste of time and accumulated knowledge gained after such a short existence on Earth?

All components of The Theory are based on science, statistical analysis and common sense. The recurring LifeCycles (LCs) component loosely translates into the inclusion of reincarnation as a pivotal point in an individual's LifeCycle development.

The Theory provides a framework and infrastructure that illustrates why reincarnation is not only possible, but highly probable. It is based on accepted mathematical models and scientific data. Regardless of demographics, religious affiliations or scientific acumen, The Theory provides a comprehensive approach to the evolution of Intelligent Life, not the cessation of it.

If you are interested in a realistic view of your current LifeCycle, please consider The ILC Theory as a viable option for continued life after this one is over. It adds logic to your daily experiences. The Theory makes sense of the obvious discrepancies, inadequacies and deficiencies of life as we know it.